The first company with a closed production process from garden to factory. Providing consumers with a 100% pure and clean product line. In particular, K COFFEE is manufactured under strict processes of European and American markets and has UTZ, BRC certificates. is the first company in Vietnam to offer a 100% pure filter bag coffee product line. With the desire to bring consumers to enjoy 100% pure natural coffee with modern Italian roasting technology equipment to keep the coffee flavor
K COFFEE We not only sell coffee but also sell the difference.

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Blue Son La roasted coffee 454G
Filter bag coffee 105G
K-Coffee Delight Instant Coffee 3in1 255G
K-Coffee BLACK Instant Coffee 2in1 255G
K Coffee Black Roasted Coffee Black 454G
Coffee Roasted K Coffee Vietnam Wakeup 454G
Kblack roasted coffee 227G
K morning roasted coffee 454G
Vietnam roasted ground coffee morning 454G
K morning roasted coffee 227G
K roasted coffee beans 700G
K happy roasted coffee 700G
Coffee Filter Bag K-Coffee Filter S50G
K-Coffee Delight Instant Coffee 3in1 612G

Address : SỐ 61, ĐƯỜNG SỐ 41, pHƯỜNG 6, QUẬN 4

Phone number : 02839435988

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