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Established at the end of 2013, Epicure Vina Co., Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of the brands Rancilio, Jura, Breville, WMF. With the motto of putting quality and reputation first, at Epicure we bring customers the most reliable and comprehensive coffee solutions. From supplying, installing and maintaining durable coffee machines to delivering an Italian-style coffee experience, we meet the diverse needs of our customers. Epicure is always the top choice for homes, offices, cafes, restaurants and high-end hotels because we simplify your decision as much as possible, by “only selling quality products”. and comes with the best service.”


🟤 Products/Services:

Epicure Vina Company Limited

At Epicure, we provide comprehensive coffee solutions. The equipment is imported under many international brands that are more than 100 YEARS old on the market
Owning 4 EXCLUSIVE high-end brands in Vietnam, the MOST EXPENSIVE in the field of “coffee makers” – 100% of products are imported from Europe. Accompanied by 10 brands officially distributed by Epicure.
1. JURA – Automatic coffee maker:
Established in 1931 – The JURA brand represents high quality, pioneering innovation, sophisticated and luxurious design as well as durability and sturdiness. Jura always brings consumers the best service values. A true Swiss value.
2. RANCILIO – Manual coffee maker (for business, professional)
Rancilio is a famous, long-standing brand in Italy with more than a century of manufacturing expertise. Rancilio’s products are always in harmony in quality – design – and investment costs to meet customer needs.
Over time, Rancilio has made improvements suitable for a variety of basic to the most luxurious cafe and bar business models, bringing technology and core values ​​to the professional coffee business.
3. BREVILLE – Manual coffee makers & home appliances
Founded in Sydney in 1932, Breville has become an iconic global brand that enhances people’s lives through thoughtful, intelligent design and outstanding innovation. Providing kitchen products to more than 70 countries globally. Breville is a kitchen appliance brand that deeply understands consumers, giving people the potential to do things more impressively or easier than they thought possible in their own kitchens.
Breville brand coffee maker with integrated grinder and brewer design, to ensure consistency and quality thanks to the Conical Burr blade. Professional coffee extraction at precise temperatures from 91-96 degrees Celsius. In addition, this machine also helps us create milk foam (foaming) easily.
4. WMF – Automatic coffee maker (for business and commerce)
WMF is a famous and long-standing brand in Germany with a foundation of more than 100 years
The criteria of WMF brand products are towards durability, the most effective coffee business solution in the 4.0 era.
WMF can meet all customer needs from low to high. WMF’s motto is that quality must always go hand in hand with value, so this brand’s equipment and products are always designed to be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. With the WMF automatic coffee maker, the coffee business will be easier than ever when you own a specialized product for high quality coffee. Expanding your business and managing remotely more effectively, the 4.0 coffee solution from WMF is the key to optimal coffee business efficiency.


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Address:121/20 Nguyễn Hoàng, Khu phố 5, P. An Phú, Tp.Thủ Đức, Tp.HCM

Email: info@epicure.vn

Website: https://epicure.vn/


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