Great Eastern Food CO.,LTD.

Great Eastern Food CO.,LTD.

Great Eastern is the professional manufacturers of 3Q Jelly Pearls(Konjac Pearls)
3Q Jelly Pearls(Konjac Pearls)-New choice of chewing Q
The treasures from the mountains(Konjac) and the ocean(seaweed).
Each 3Q Jelly Pearl is composed of Konjac(a kind of Taro), Seaweed, Sugar, Pectin and
Guar gum.
For many years, Fresh Life have been committed to producing healthy, low-calorie products.
3Q Jelly Pearl has low calorie (70 kcal/100 g) and
can be widely used in various beverages to increase satiety.
Delicious Syrup
2019 new products, Fresh Life used the unique fruits of each season in Taiwan.
Spring – Strawberry
Summer – Mango
Fall – Citron
To make high fruit content, retain up to 30% or 50% of the pulp in the jam,
Let the drink become a “eat” drink

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