KIO VIET Company Limited

KIO VIET Company Limited


🟤 Introduction:

KIO VIETNAM Co., Ltd. is an import-export company established in 2018 and is a subsidiary of KIO KOREA, headquartered in South Korea. At the COFFEE EXPO 2023 event, KIO aims to bring high-quality beverage preparation equipment closer to domestic customers.

The official distributor of KIO VIET is KAFFA VIETNAM, committed to *RELIABILITY – PROFESSIONALISM – DEDICATION*. We strive to build a long-term partnership with our valued customers based on a foundation of guaranteed quality, competitive prices, and impeccable service.



🟤 Products/Services:

1.SNOWVAN Bingsu Machine

SNOWVAN is a compact yet powerful Korean-made snow/ bingsu machine. It features rapid cooling technology and a flexible design that allows for creative customization with various types of ice cream ingredients, including milk, fruit juice, carbonated beverages, and more.

2.FAEMA Coffee Machine

Founded in 1945, FAEMA, a part of Gruppo Cimbali, is one of the leading manufacturers of professional beverage equipment in Italy. FAEMA promises to deliver products with unique designs and impressive operational performance. Noteworthy product lines in 2023 include Faemina, Faema E61 Legend, Faema President GTi, Faema E98 UP, and more.

3.CIME Coffee Machine

CIME’s products are meticulously handcrafted in Italy under the supervision of a team of engineers who are highly experienced experts in the coffee industry. The diverse designs, durability, and a blend of traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology are the hallmarks of CIME. Notable successes include the CIME CO-02 Light, CIME CO-03 Neo, CIME CO-05 Total Black/White/Gold, and more.

4.KAFFA Coffee Bean

KIO offers four coffee product lines sourced from Lam Dong and Dak Lak. The beans are meticulously selected, processed, and professionally roasted by reputable coffee roasters in the industry. There are various Arabica and Robusta blend ratios for you to choose from based on your coffee preferences.

Furthermore, KIO also offers various imported beverage preparation equipment such as Fiorenzato coffee grinders, CUBIX ice makers, HIMIX blenders, Paragon water filters, and more, all with attractive discounts.


🟤Company information:

Address:Số 50 Đường số 1, KDC Him Lam, phường Tân Hưng, Quận 7