Ong Bau Coffee Joint Stock Company

Ong Bau Coffee Joint Stock Company


🟤 Introduction:

The formation of Ong Bau Coffee chain

It’s a journey where we bring our coffee to all the streets,

affirming the position and value of real coffee in the hearts of Vietnamese coffee lovers. We look for partners to carry out our mission and share success in cooperation.

We hope our passion and enthusiasm will inspire you to want to become a part of Ong Bau Coffee


🟤 Products/Services:

Ong Bau Coffee was born as a combination of 3 big businessmen who are loved and associated with Vietnamese Football: Bau Duc (Hoang Anh Gia Lai), Bau Thang (Dong Tam), Bau Hai (Nutifood). From clean football to real coffee, the Bosses meet each other in many similarities, from passion, enthusiasm to the desire to bring true values to life, sharing the same concern… people Vietnam must definitely drink clean, real coffee!


🟤Company information:

Address:Tòa Nhà H3 (Tầng M, 384 Hoàng Diệu, P6, Quận 4)




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