🟤 Introduction:


Fine Robusta Vietnam Joint Stock Company – Fine Robusta Vietnam – FiRo was founded by people who are enthusiastic about specialty coffee and this is the time for heaven and earth to gather together to carry out the revolution to elevate Vietnamese specialty coffee.

The vision of Fine Robusta Vietnam

Multinational enterprises exploit and maximize all the good characteristics of Fine Robusta in many aspects and fields of human life.

Creating the Fine Robusta Community | FiRo is widespread and highly knowledgeable.

Put Vietnam on the map of world specialty coffee.

The mission of Fine Robusta Vietnam

Always ensure the health and lives of farmers, employees, and customers in every chain of FiRo’s activities.

Apply knowledge and technology to create products that are not only of high quality but also good for human health and beauty.

Continuously educate the community and train employees based on the core values of Fine Robusta Vietnam | FiRo

Core values of Fine Robusta Vietnam

Knowledge and technology are the foundations of development.

Integrity, goodness, and beauty are our guiding principles.

People are at the heart of the business.


– 100 hectares: Coffee cultivation area under forest canopy.

– 630 hectares: Organic coffee cultivation area.

– 84%: Robusta coffee scored 80 points according to CQI.

– 0%: Environmental emissions.


🟤 Products/Services:

Green Bean Coffee

Fine Robusta Vietnam’s green coffee beans are harvested from landscape coffee gardens grown organically and processed according to modern and industrial processes, always ensuring quality food safety and hygiene. Coffee beans in the dry milling process are passed through ice separator, steel separator, impurity separation, sieving, weight sieving, color firing grain pro bagging to ensure to provide customers with quality green beans.

Roasted & Ground Coffee

Quality green coffee beans are carefully selected by Fine Robusta Vietnam for the roasting process. Depending on the customer’s needs, Fine Robusta Vietnam designed the ideal roasting profile for each customer’s requirements. The coffee processing process is fully automatic from storage, quantitative weighing, feeding, roasting, product removal, degas, grinding, and packaging to ensure quality and food hygiene and safety.

Roasting and grinding products of Fine Robusta Vietnam are constantly analyzed, and quality checked during processing, as well as inspected, evaluated, quality, and tasted by cupping experts of Fine Robusta Vietnam to best meet the needs of customers.

Instant Coffee

Fine Robusta Vietnam uses green coffee beans that meet Fine Robusta standards of CQI – World Coffee Quality Institute to produce instant coffee by cold drying and sublimation repatriation. Fine Robusta’s instant coffee ensures a balance of sour – bitter – salty – sweet taste with thick physicality and a good palate feel. At the same time, thanks to the new repatriation technology, Fine Robusta Vietnam’s instant coffee retains its original aroma. The technology is entirely designed by Fine Robusta Vietnam.


The Warrior 5 roaster is a famous roaster line of FiRo developed to popularize the popular market, replacing existing Vietnamese models to roast Specialty and Fine Robusta coffee.
The Warrior 5 roaster series is designed on the principle of control–consistency. The machine is electronically controlled very accurately, can be controlled according to the needs of roasters, and at the same time the machine is operated very durable and stable, creating uniform profiles for roasting batches.

Warrior 5 is designed with three criteria: Quality – Beauty – Affordability.
Achieving these 3 criteria is not easy, Warrior 5 has applied many new technologies and added a lot of electronic control but still meets the very reasonable price and aesthetics are completely beautiful and guests. especially with other models in Vietnam.


🟤Company information:

Address:Lô X3 KCN Tâm Thắng, Xã Tâm Thắng, Huyện Cư Jút, Tỉnh Đắk Nông, Việt Nam