🟤 Introduction:

We grew up around coffee, for over two generations. You could say we’re steeped in it! Gia Lai province, our home, is one of the most important coffee growing regions in Vietnam and making Gia Lai a little more famous would be a great joy. The best way we can do that is to consistently produce the best specialty coffee in Vietnam.

We are also deeply proud of Vietnamese culture and traditions. We produce Viet Specialty Coffee blending the rich traditions and hand-crafting of our unique culture with the technology processes required to produce coffee that can be called “Specialty Coffee”. Our long-term goal besides giving you a cup of the best tasting coffee you’ve ever had is to create a brighter future for not only our growers, roasters, brewers and staff but for school children, mothers and fathers, factory workers, IT professionals, business professionals and every person who proudly calls themselves Vietnamese!


🟤 Products/Services:

From farm to table, every step of the way is the most important step! Our coffee is made from exclusive single origin coffee beans. They’re freshly roasted and perfectly brewed. But that’s not all we’re obsessed about.

We make sure all our beans pass inspection requirements to earn the designation “Specialty Coffee Beans”. Our beans are grown at the right time of year, at the right altitude and in the right soil.


🟤Company information:

Address:127 Thân Văn Nhiếp, Phường An Phú, Thành phố Thủ Đức, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Email: info@vietspecialtycoffee.com

Website: vietspecialtycoffee.com


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