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With the brand name THE DOUGH, HANN Distribution and Services Co.,Ltd is the exclusive importer and distributor of fresh bread from Seoul Food in Vietnam. We provide complete consultancy and administration for frozen dough and ready-to-bake items, management consultancy, and the development of bakery coffee business models.

The founders and managers of Hann are professionals with years of expertise in hospitality management across a variety of industries. We are aware of the principles and requirements for five-star quality, as well as how to uphold those principles. Hann is a pioneer and a differentiator in the Vietnamese market because we provide our clients with a variety of goods, which is also the fundamental pillar of our business.



Supermarket chains in the United States or Europe design a dedicated area for their family meal frozen pastries. The product line has been launched for the first time in Asia, particularly South Korea, and is gaining consumer attention.

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