Tianwan Industrial (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Tianwan Industrial (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

🟤 Introduction:

Tianwan Industrial (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd was established in 2007 and officially changed its name to Tianwan Industrial (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd in 2016. Tianwan has been dedicating to food and beverage equipment research, development and manufacture. Tianwan is capable of providing not only advanced high quality equipment, but also overall solutions to meet the need of customers across global beverage brands, coffee chains, tea chains, catering chains and other enterprises. After years of great efforts, we have successfully served and established deep cooperation with many famous global brands. Tian has broad product lines to meet customers’ demand for carbonated drinks, non-carbonated beverage machines, soda water dispenser, juice dispenser, beer dispenser, nitro cold brew coffee dispenser, cocktail machines, milk tea machines 、(bubble tea dispenser) and so on. The equipment are suitable for use in catering industry, chain industry, entertainment industry, hotels, supermarkets and other places, with a significant share on international market.

TWBEVERAGE is a registered trademark of Tianwan. Tianwan has obtained the ISO-9001 Quality Management System certification, the United States NSF certification, the European Union CE safety certification, Japan SK, China GB Contract Food Safety certification and so on.

Our mission: to meet customer needs on safe, efficient and high quality beverage equipment, as well as overall solutions.



🟤 Products/Services:

Commercial Intelligent Bubble Tea Workstation


🟤Company information:

Address:No.305, South Shengxin Road, Jiading, Shanghai, 201802 China

Email: export@twbeverage.com

Website: www.twbeverage.com


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