Vina Nha Trang Engineering JSC

Vina Nha Trang Engineering JSC


🟤 Introduction:

Vina Nha Trang: An International-Scale Coffee Processing Machinery Manufacturer

Over 30 years of establishment and development, Vina Nha Trang is Vietnam’s leading brand in the field of manufacturing, supplying and installing coffee and agricultural product processing equipment systems. Vina Nha Trang’s products are currently used at most major coffee processing factories in Vietnam and exported to 20 countries worldwide.

Vina Nha Trang’s main products include: wet coffee processing system (for arabica coffee and robusta coffee), green coffee bean for export processing system, coffee roasting and grinding system, instant coffee processing system, pepper and other agricultural product processing system, agricultural product drying system, large-capacity wood chip drying system, auxiliary equipment system and conveying equipment, laboratory equipment…

Possessing a manufacturing factory with advanced technology, high automation and a team of experienced engineers, Vina Nha Trang provides for customers with comprehensive, effective processing solutions and processing lines. It has modern technology to create high quality products that meet international standards. Products and services under the Vina Nha Trang brand are always chosen and trusted by domestic and foreign customers.

Vina Nha Trang is present at the Coffee Expo Vietnam 2023 event as an exclusive sponsor within the framework of the Vietnam Coffee Challenge 2023 competition. This is a special journey, Vina Nha Trang respectfully accompanies the journey of developing a civilized and creative coffee community, where everyone can maximize their skills.


🟤 Products/Services:

Vina Nha Trang: The Comprehensive Supplier of Coffee Processing Equipment, a Pioneer in Applying New Technology

At Vina Nha Trang, customers will find all equipment related to the field of coffee processing, spanning from the initial processing of fresh cherries to the processing of green coffee beans for export, and even high-quality finished coffee production lines, including roasted coffee beans, powdered coffee, and instant coffee (pure, 3in1, 2in1, concentrated liquid coffee).

Vina Nha Trang’s equipment lines are applied European technology, offering high durability, automatic operation, production of high-quality products, energy saving and environmental friendliness, equipment capacity according to customer requirements.

  1. Wet Coffee Processing System: modern technology, environmentally friendly, reasonable investment costs, suitable for the production scale of large coffee factories in Vietnam and trusted in the world.

Designed with a modern closed water circulation system, helping to minimize the amount of water. Saves at least 50% water compared to existing devices on the market. It utilizes advanced technology to separate coffee shells and separates the flesh from the coffee beans, helps keep the parchment coffee beans without damage, preserving the flavor and quality of the coffee beans.

  1. Green Coffee Bean Export Processing System: minimizes noise, is dust-tight and meets the trend of high-quality coffee processing.

Grasping market trends, Vina Nha Trang offers the optimal solution which is a modern, dust-tight green coffee cleaning and sorting equipment system that meets the requirements for quality, food safety and hygiene and environmentally friendly.

  1. Leading Coffee Roasting System with Productivity Up to 600kg per batch: meeting diverse needs and coffee business scales, from small shops to large coffee roasting factories.

Vina Nha Trang coffee roasting machine systems have diverse models with capacities from 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg to 600kg/batch for the trend of processing high-quality roasted, ground and instant coffee.

  1. High-Quality Instant Coffee Processing System: the most advanced extraction and spray drying technology in the world today.

The high-quality instant coffee plant is designed and manufactured by Vina Nha Trang has marked the company’s outstanding development in this field. This is the first instant coffee plant designed, manufactured and installed by a Vietnamese enterprise. This is also the product of the National Science and Technology Project “Improving preliminary processing and processing technology, improving the added value of coffee products and building a high-quality Vietnamese coffee brand” belongs to the National High Quality Vietnamese Coffee Product Program managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vina Nha Trang Mechanical Joint Stock Company presides.

With unremitting efforts, Vina Nha Trang is considered to be the leading coffee processing equipment supplier in Vietnam. Vina Nha Trang committed to providing customers with high quality products, reputable services and optimal solutions for the Vietnamese coffee industry to reach an international level.


🟤Company information:

Address:Lô A7 – A10 cụm công nghiệp Diên Phú, huyện Diên Khánh, tỉnh Khánh Hòa